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This is the wedding website of Brenda and Justin. Feel free to look around!

We are no longer updating this site, however you can take a look at our life in Japan at
June 3, 2002

So much has been going on we haven't been keeping up with this page, but Brenda just updated her bridal diary, so feel free to check it out. Read the lurid descriptions of our bachelorette and bachelor parties--- if you dare!! Lately we decorated the guest book, designed and printed the programs, finalized our ceremony music... and Brenda got her hair glossed and cut. We got our marriage license today, which was an interesting experience- it's amazing how easy those things are to get! It was a strange feeling to know we could sign the license right then and be legally married. Great news- it looks like Justin's Best Man was bumped up from being an alternate for the JET program to a short list candidate! YAY!!!!

May 26, 2002

Today we picked some roses from Linda and Roger's beautiful garden so that we could experiment with making reception centerpieces and estimate the number of roses each centerpiece will require. Brenda also finished the wedding party web page, so please check it out. In addition, we posted the rehearsal dinner menu, so happy reading.. Be hungry for the wedding! We will feed you very well.

May 25, 2002

Two weeks to go! EEK!

The wedding party page is almost complete, though we still need a picture of Craig Morrison (groomsman extraordinaire) and a few paragraphs... ahem... The Bridal diary has been updated as well. We have been neglecting the page a bit lately, in favor of actually making the wedding happen. We met with wedding co-ordinator at the country club and set the menu (watch the menu page, we'll post it in the next few days) and table set-up, bar etc. We are hosting 4 types of house wines, champagne, soda, and coffee. Other beverages and mixed drinks will be available at the bar on a cash basis. We also picked cake flavors for a three tiered cake (sorry guys, gotta check out the page when we post it, gotta keep you in suspense somehow!)Brenda FINALLY finalized the flower order, and Justin has been tracking down a limo to take us from the reception to our hotel for the all important first night. We both have been really busy trying to finalize all those last details... This Saturday we bought the vases for the reception and on Monday we have another wedding to go to, so look for pictures!

May 14, 2002

We've gotten more of the wedding web site up! Tonight we put up the bridal diary (complete with pictures) and made sure all the links go to a page, even if that page is currently blank. New pages are coming daily, so keep checking back!

May 12, 2002

Here goes nothing- well try to update this frequently so you can follow along with our wedding madness. This week was really crazy. Brenda was working on getting all her grading done so that she could be completely finished with her teaching responsibilities, and of course Justin helped. Justin finished putting in new flagstone steps at his parents' house. Friday was the last big push for grading... Brenda spent all morning grading and then went to work. Justin went to see his friend Craig's graduation that morning, and then went out to lunch at the Mongolian Barbeque. Afterwards, he was a wonderful fiancee and helped enter the last grades into the computer program while Brenda was at work. After work, Brenda went to meet with her "boss", the main professor of the class, and then came home. Justin and Brenda went to Whole Foods to get some food and videos, and then crashed at home and watched them from the Futon.

Saturday we went to a friends' wedding- the bride is a Seattle girl, like Brenda, and her fiancee proposed to her at the Trevi fountain as well... funny coincidence, huh? Anyway, it was a gorgeous morning wedding in Westminster (about 20 minutes from Boulder) followed by a nice reception at their home. Afterwards, we went home and just vegged out in front of the tv until we fell asleep. (honest, we don't usually watch this much tv!) Then Sunday Brenda got together her list of flowers she would need for the wedding and finally ordered them online. We should hear back to find out if they can definitely get them to us in about four days. Afterwards, we went out to coffee, and then to Justin's parents' home to celebrate Mother's Day. After playing in the yard with Derek, Justin's brother's son, we all had a nice dinner, and then played soccer in the yard. Justin's Dad made gluten free biscuits for strawberry shortcake and we all enjoyed biscuits with strawberries and ice cream for dessert.

May 6, 2002

We've finally gotten the web page up and running! Justin and I have been working on its design together. Because both of us have done professional web page design, we are both determined to do a really nice job on it- ah, the joys of being perfectionists! But, it's always fun to work on projects together.

Other news in Brenda's life: Teaching is winding down at last! Tomorrow I get to proctor the exam for my class, and then the fun of grading it begins. It was interesting being the teaching assistant for an anthropology course, but it's definitely more challenging to try and teach something that is not in my field!

News in Justin's life: Justin has been struggling to find a job in Boulder, but in the meantime he has been helping his parents remodel their yard. His first project was to remove the wooden steps leading away from the house toward the garden, and replace them with landscape bricks. He created a really beautiful circular flower planter in the wall that then attached to the steps, which were covered in flagstone slabs. It looked great when he was done!


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