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Matron of Honor Toni

Birthday:August 4, 1975
Wedding Date:June 1994
Birthday:May 3, 1997
Astrology Sign:Sun in Leo
Food:mashed potatoes
Favorite Book:Bible and good fiction
Favorite Pass time:being with my family
Favorite Song:Everything I do, I do it for you song from Robin Hood, Prince of Theives (my wedding song)
Favorite Movie:Robin Hood, Prince of Theives
A Word to Describe Me:Musical

I was born August 4th, 1975 in Bellevue, Wa as Toni Hill. I grew up in Bellevue, where I met my "sister" Brenda at Sammamish High School while in an extra class called Reader's Theater the second half of our Freshmen year. Over the next few years we did many thing together and I learned to love my Short but Superior sister. I had just started dating a wonderful guy named Mark when I graduated from high school with Brenda in 1994.
Three years later, Mark and I were wed on May 3rd, 1997, and Brenda was the Maid of Honor. We have two beautiful children. My son Matthew, (10-24-97) was truly blessed by the fact that Brenda happened to be visiting from college and got to witness his birth. He immediately won her heart and so she became his honorary "Aunt." Tiffani blessed us only 17 months later (4-9-99)and also stole hearts. I am extremely lucky to get to stay at home with them and do what I am finding to be God's highest calling, to be a professional Mother. We also are also homeschooling our kids, an adventure I never thought I would be doing, yet one I am excited to do.

Maid of Honor Ann

Birthday:November 7, 1975
Astrology Sign: Sun in Scorpio, Moon in Saggitarius
Food:avocados, garlic, tofu, saag paneer
Favorite Cuisine:South Indian
Favorite Drink:spicy chai, dark stout beer
Things I Love to Do:cook gourmet vegetarian meals, bake pastries and tarts, write letters (on cards & stationary that I make myself), watch Milwaukee Bucks basketball, and being with my family,fiance and kittys!
Favorite Movie:Moulin Rouge (recent), Labyrinth and all the muppet movies from the 80's (old faves)
Favorite Book:Watership Down, Pride and Prejudice
Where I've Been:almost every state in the continental U.S., parts of Canada & Mexico.

When I was in 7th. grade I met Brenda through a pen-pal service and little did they know that they were introducing me to my "psychic soul sista"! I remember being amazed from the very first letters I received as to how much we had in common. Even through the years and all the changes we've experienced I know that we will always have many shared interests... such as being feminist, feline-admiring "foodies" (obsessed with cooking, cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and always in search of the perfect coffee drink), and don't forget thrift shopping marathons, women's folk music, and having Libra husbands...the list goes on and on. Brenda is one of my oldest & dearest friends and I am so honored to be part of their wedding. My greatest wish of all, besides for their happiness always, is that someday we will live in the same state or at least within a days drive of each other!

Bridesmaid Lara

Birthday:Nov. 22, 1975
Astrology Sign:Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
Favorite Food:sushi, peaches, and buttermilk biscuits
Favorite Cuisine:Japanese
Favorite Drink:Green Tea
Languages:French, Japanese, Chinese
Ambition:To restore China's historic gardens
Favorite Animals:cats
Things I love to do:watch and do modern dance, hike in the mountains
Favorite Movie:The English Patient
Where I've been:China, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, France, Italy ...

Do you know those people who you meet and instantly become friends with? Brenda is a friend like that to me. We met orientation week at Reed college, and freshman year we did all our favorite things together: cooked, danced, ate coffee icecream, dressed up ... Brenda was there in the spring of freshman year when I met a new and incredibly exciting guy, now my fiance! It isn't hard to tell that Brenda and I have a lot in common - we both studied Chinese in college and have kept studying in grad school. I'm working on a Chinese history Ph.D at Princeton right now. I'm very excited that Brenda and Justin are planning on teaching in Japan, since I taught there for two years after college, and loved it. Maybe I was Japanese in my past life. I think it is pretty special that with all of our travels, Brenda and I found this time to celebrate together at her wedding.

Bridesmaid Andrea

Birthday:April 17, 1975
Astrology Sign:Aries, Capricorn Rising, Cancer Moon
Favorite Food:sushi, garlic/basil pesto, espresso, red wine
Favorite Cuisine:It's a tie between Japanese and Italian
Favorite Drink:Water!
Languages:English! and French (on rare occasions)
Ambition:To become a frequently published well paid, well known writer
Favorite Animals:cats
Things I love to do:Spend time outside, especially in the mountians and forests, read, write, meditate
Favorite Movie:Army of Darkness
Where I've been:I'm an interdimensional traveler.

Brenda and I met in graduate school at the University of Colorado where I think we were both still feeling our way through the program, not sure how it would all turn out. We have gone through a lot of changes together - watching friends and relationships come and go, and I think we have proven that we are steadfast friends for sticking together through it all! We've had great fun at gourmet dinner parties, going out for drinks on Pearl Street, making sushi, etc etc. I am so glad that Brenda and Justin have found love together and am very honored to be part of the wedding.

Best Man Aaron

Birthday:January 29th, 1976
Astrology Sign: Year of the Dragon and 100% aquarian
Blood Type:B negative
Favorite Cuisine:Whatever Mom makes.
Favorite Drink:Wild Turkey
Fingers on Left Hand:4 and 1 thumb
Languages:Spanish cuss words, and vaguely passable English
Ambition:To go on Jeopardy and see if Trebek makes you pay them for a negative score
Favorite Animal: Humans
Things I love to do: watch VH1 fashion awards, fruitlessly negotiate Japanese bureaucracy, and play on jungle gyms
Favorite Movie: Breakiní 2: the Electric Boogaloo
Where Iíve been: All over North America, England, Holland, Switzerland, Egypt, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Detroit.


Groomsman Craig

Birthday:December 30, 1980
Astrology Sign:Capricorn
Favorite Food: dessert
Favorite Cuisine: Anything involving steak
Favorite Drink: Water... no, who am I kidding, Capn Morgans & Coke
Things I Love to Do: video games, board games, read, exercise, pass time w/ friends
Ambition: $$$
Favorite Movie: Gladiator... and Gattaca
Fav. Animals:Dogs... has to be dogs
Where I've been:England, US, Mexico, Canada
Most embarrassing moment: I'll leave the details up to your imagination, but lets say I said something I thought would endear me to this one girl, but it really blew up in my face. I think that she and her friends chuckled every time they saw me for about a year.

Justin and I met when I was 5 years old... or was I 4... or maybe 6? Come to think of it, I can't actually remember when I met him. I think I've known him practically my entire life, after he and my older brother became best friends in grade school. Over the years I've spent my fair share of time with Justin - watching TV after school in high school, hearing tales of Semester at Sea in college, and journeying to England and Wales just a few years ago - and through it all I've never seen him as happy as when he is with Brenda. I look forward to knowing both of them for the rest of my life, and only ask that they set up a guest bed for me so that I can visit them in Japan or wherever else their journeys take them.

Groomsman Brian

Birthday:April 20, 1979
Astrology Sign:Aries or Taurus
Favorite Food:lasagna... or no, sesame chicken
Favorite Cuisine:Italian or Chinese Take Out
Favorite Drink:Juice
Languages:English, C++, Java, Assembler if I have to...Oooh and some spanish
Ambition:A house on a lake, where I can keep everyone else away...That or taking over the world
Favorite Animals:Dragons, Or wolves/falcons
Things I love to do:Reading, Computer Games, Skiing, Rafting..I'm boring
Favorite Movie:Usual Suspects
Where I've been:USA, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey... Oooh, and I flew over canada, does that count?


Flower Girl Tiffani

Birthday:April 9, 1999
Favorite Color:Pink (especially in dresses)
Favorite Song:I'm a Little Teapot
Astrology Sign:Sun in Aries
Food:mac 'n cheese
Favorite Book:Sleeping Beauty
Favorite Pass time:Playing with dolls
Favorite Animal:Doggies
Favorite Movie:Sleeping Beauty
A Phrase to Describe Me:Little Princess

Flower Maiden Rebecca

Birthday:January 11, 1985
Astrology Sign:Capricorn
Favorite Cuisine:American
Favorite Drink:Martini (shaken not stirred)
Favorite Movie:Dangerous Beauty
Things I love to do:hang out with friends, talk on phone
Favorite Animal:Dogs
Where I've been:Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada
Where I'm going: Switzerland


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